Here you will find my starting points for feather accessories.

Final prices may vary depending on specifics dimensions , quality of materials used, number of colors included, etc.  Many variables are involved so it's always best to contact us with the most relevant information possible for us to give you a more accurate pricing quote.

Price ranges are listed here at the base price and go up from there.  We can work within any reasonable budget so feel free to ask what we can create for you today!

Shoulder Backpieces start at $300
Full body Backpieces start at $650
Simple Angel Wings start $200
Large and Multicolor Wings start $300
Floor length, Single Color Wings start around $650
Headdresses start $175
Armband Wings start at $150 Per Set
Arm/Leg/ankle cuffs start at $80 Per Set
Collar Pieces start at $175

Shipping and Payment fees not included.


For a detailed quote on your next commissioned feather project, contact us today!