Fantasy Feathers Costume Design

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  • Xavier Cole
  • Jennifer Warner
  • Alyssa Edwards
  • Adriana Fuentes
  • Londenn D Raine
  • Kristina Kelly
  • Richard Tinnel
  • Ava Clear
  • Lorna Dawn Kettlety
  • Shae Shae Lareese
  • Tasha Long
  • Judas Elliot
  • Anita Waistline
  • ChiKiva Latrell
  • Niesha Mack-Freeman
  • Taylor Made
  • Samara Brooks
  • Vena Cava
  • Aaliyah Martinez

Customer Feedback:

"Wow you amaze me more and more. I think that's why you're so amazing at what you do. You study everything before you do your work and it's amazing. It's not about money but satisfaction and that's highly admirable. You'll always have a client here. I thank you greatly for being a great attribute to my victory."


"It is beyond gorgeous!  Beyond the beauty of it is the detail and design and construction - beyond words!!! I am so thrilled with it"