Payment Methods

Payment plans are available. For commissioned projects, typically 25% payment is required upfront. This initial deposit holds your spot in line for production as well as reserves your spot on the calendar for the agreed upon date of completion. A second payment of 25% is required halfway through completion. This second payment is the signal for production to begin. The final 50% balance, plus the final shipping fees is due before shipment.

Early payments do not necessarily guarantee early production; the final date of completion can only change by mutual agreement.

The customer is also responsible for any payment fees associated with their payment method as necessary - i.e. Paypal customers must pay the transaction fee if using a credit card through Paypal.

We currently accept:

Western Union

*With regards to the nature of the Paypal system, payments processed through Paypal are NOT eligible for ANY REFUNDS.  Customers choosing Paypal as a the primary means of payment must sign and return a standard contract accepting financial obligations for the commissioned item.  Paypal IS NOT ACCEPTED for purchases of inventory/pre-made items.