With an extensive background in visual art and special event production, Anthony has been drawn to creating dramatic presentations since his high school days in a small southern West Virginia town. During his time at university, Anthony devoted much of his studies to Visual Art as well as time both onstage and backstage in the Theatre Department.

Pride Headdress.jpg

After graduation, Anthony began his journey into costume design while being mentored by a local stage performer/drag personality, Shawn Thomas/Taylor Made, in 2004. Over the next few years, under Shawn's direction, Anthony began to slowly venture into solo design and costume projects. 

In 2009 Anthony moved to New York City and pursued a career in floral and holiday design. After a pedestrian accident left him unable to fulfill the time commitments required at the flower shop, Anthony decided to test out the water of costume design in March of 2012. Anthony began accepting part time costume commissions using social media as a primary platform of communication. As of December 2012, after much initial interest and success, Anthony held an official launch party for Fantasy Feathers NYC, based in uptown Manhattan.