Fantasy Feathers creates Over-The-Top Creations and Custom Costume Concepts


Why choose Fantasy Feathers?

As an expert in the feather costume design field, Anthony has specifically chosen to focus his attention on to all things feather related. Through research and customer surveys, Anthony discovered a noticeable lack of available designers in the feather design field and began to focus his efforts mainly on feathery showgirl-style, over-the-top costumes.  Primarily working with various types of feathers to construct large-scale, show-stopping concepts, Fantasy Feathers' wings and feather accessories have been used for the theatre stage, state and national level pageants, as well as parades and outdoor events.

The main goal at Fantasy Feathers is to provide superior customer service. This is achieved by:

  • Prompt response times to customer inquires. 
  • Extreme attention to design details.
  • An eagerness to meet and exceed customer expectations.

A very unique feature of projects designed by Fantasy Feathers is in the construction of many of the larger designs. The scale of these show-stopping costumes can range from a small headdress, all the way up to a 14 foot wide peacock tail piece. And almost 100% of the projects created by Fantasy Feathers are shipped across the country and even internationally.

The most frequent question asked is "How do you mail these things?"  To allow for such an undertaking, the larger pieces have to be able to break down and reassemble to allow for easy shipping and convenient transportation to and from a venue.  During the span of time Anthony has been designing these costumes, many times he has felt as much like a one man couturier as well as a structural engineer. He is often tasked to create these temporary, amazing walls of feathers, that must break down into a thin flat box and magically reappear on stages all across the country.

Another reason to choose Fantasy Feathers is because we create award winning costume presentations that are highly sought out across the board. Anthony personally researches the contests and pageants he's designing for and strives to create a winning "look" every time.  Just ask his clients - when you want to assemble a winning package with a feather presentation, Fantasy Feathers is your best bet. And whether it be for a contest or even a show for Sunday Brunch, Fantasy Feathers' customers come back time and again, because of the excellent customer service and the high quality product, delivered on time, every time.